COVID-19 Updates

The Province has moved into Step 3 – matches can continue to choose to meet virtually or in-person

Our province has moved into Step 3 of the Roadmap to Reopen. This means that you have the option to continue meeting virtually or meeting in person (only if you feel comfortable). Based on the Step 3 guidelines, you can enjoy more options now that up to 25 people can gather indoors and up to 100 outdoors. Things like…dining in restaurants and going to museums and festivals.

We encourage match members to have open dialogue before their first face-to-face meeting. Please speak honestly about any concerns, reservations, or heightened risk factors. It is essential that we respect each other’s varying comfort levels and personal choices as we gradually reintroduce in-person meetings.

Our masking and physical distancing guidelines remain unchanged regardless if people are fully vaccinated or not. This means that whether you are indoors or out, masks are required when you are not able to stay two meters apart (including, in cars).

We hope you have a great summer!