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  • In-School Mentoring Application Package
  • Dear Parent/Guardian:
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters of Waterloo Region (BBBSWR), in partnership with your child’s school, is pleased to inform you that your child has been invited to participate in the In-School Mentoring Program. The In-School Mentoring program provides students with a volunteer mentor who serves as a role model and friend to talk to and share the experiences of growing up with, all within the school environment.
  • Typically the In-School Mentoring program would consist of a weekly visit of 1 hour during the school day, on school property. Due to the current circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, the ISM program will consist of virtual match visits at this time (using a School Board approved virtual platform). Please be aware that the In-School Mentoring Program,has a strict no contact policy between the volunteer and child outside of their match visits (including but not limited to phone calls, social media, email or in-person meetings).Matches also do not have contact over the summer break or during other school holidays. All In-School Mentors are carefully screened through the BBBSWR office.
  • If you would like your child to have the opportunity to participate in the program, please complete the following:
    • Child Information Form
    • Informed Consents Form
    • Virtual Consent - Temporary Policy Change Form
  • Once these forms are received, your child will be added to a waiting list to be matched with a volunteer. Please note that we cannot guarantee a match for your child as we are a volunteer based organization. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to phone your child’s school or the BBBSWR office at 519-745-0180 ext. 207.