Meet Olivia – August Mentor of the Month


Meet our August Mentor of the Month – Olivia, brimming with compassion and dedication. Olivia, a graduate of Conestoga College with diplomas in Police Foundations, Advanced Police Studies, and Social Service Worker, radiates the enthusiasm of a true change-maker. During that time, she played 5 years of varsity volleyball, and this fall she will be the assistant coach. Our agency was thrilled to have Olivia join us for several weeks during her placement, while pursuing her diploma in Social Service.


Discovering BBBSWR

Olivia’s connection with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Waterloo Region (BBBSWR) began during her Social Service Worker Program placement at Conestoga College.

Since October 2022, Olivia has been an unwavering pillar of support within BBBSWR’s mentoring programs. Starting with in-school mentoring for three students and guiding five Go Girls Groups, Olivia’s commitment became a beacon of change.

For Olivia, mentoring isn’t just about imparting knowledge; it’s about sharing life experiences, building connections, and being a support system. She believes in providing her mentees with a safe space to express themselves, grow, and explore. The act of listening, understanding, and offering guidance is at the core of her mentorship philosophy.


Empowering the Community Through Volunteering

Olivia’s volunteer journey transcends BBBSWR. From coaching volleyball to mentoring youths through outreach programs, her dedication echoes through her community involvement. She emphasizes that giving back doesn’t just enrich the community but also nurtures personal growth.

As Olivia orchestrates creative activities like crafting and gaming for her mentees, the joy she derives from their excitement is undeniable. Witnessing their anticipation and happiness is a reminder of the profound impact a mentor can have.

Among her treasured memories is the laughter-filled day when she and her mentees took a shot at slime-making. Messy, perhaps, but memories like these are the gems that etch a smile on both mentor and mentee.


The Impact of Mentorship

The most rewarding aspect for Olivia is witnessing the transformation in her mentees. She has observed their growth, seen their confidence blossom, and their voices become stronger. Olivia’s role in this positive change is a testament to the transformative power of mentorship.

Through her volunteer journey, Olivia is gaining invaluable skills. From improved facilitation abilities to enhanced creativity in activity planning, each day brings growth and learning.


For those considering the path of volunteering, Olivia has a resounding message: take the leap. She emphasizes BBBSWR’s welcoming and supportive environment. Whether it’s joining the Go Girls or Big Bunch programs, she assures potential volunteers that the experience is both rewarding and transformative. We thank Olivia for her commitment to creating positive change and inspiring others.

Changing the course of young lives